Lake Lonsdale, Victoria

Lake Lonsdale

While choosing your next holiday destination, try finding a place with a wide variety of attractions and activities for all age groups. The Grampians in Victoria is one such destination considered as a real oasis with several scenic attractions and plenty of things to do.

The major attractions in this area are found in the mountainous landscape. In addition, the craggy landscape houses an array of scenic lakes and waterfalls perfect for enjoying some water activities, scenic walks, hiking and picnicking at the adjoining park grounds.

Lake Lonsdale Camping & Fishing Map

Guests with a plan to holiday at the Grampians should plan for exploring the charming lakes that the area houses. Lake Lonsdale is one of those scenic waterways that offer a wide array of natural attractions and activity options suitable for all age groups.

Just within a few miles from the quaint township of Halls Gap, Lake Lonsdale on the Western Hwy is truly a must-go destination in this region. Most of the time, the lake boasts high water levels; hence, a wide array of water activities are enjoyed all-year-round. Guests can swim, ski and go fishing at this lake.

Guests should come to this serene setting and discover its various natural attractions and try the nature walks while enjoying an array of activities, including trekking, hiking and wildlife watching. Also take a tour to the nearby viewing areas to catch a glimpse of the setting sun behind the scenic mountain ranges of the Grampians.

The region also houses some wineries and cellar doors perfect for an afternoon trip and scenic tours. Wildlife watching is also a much-loved activity enjoyed by guests of all ages. Enjoy watching the diverse Aussie wildlife species, including koalas, wallabies, birds, emus and kangaroos at the dense forested areas near Lake Lonsdale.

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