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Dunkeld Polo Cup

Dunkeld Polo Cup

The Dunkeld Polo Cup is a family-friendly polo event held at the Dunkeld Racecourse close to Easter.

The Game of Kings, as polo is often referred to, is recognised as the oldest team ball sport in the world, and was introduced to Australia in 1874.

Dunkeld Polo Cup 2023 Dates, Times & Ticket Prices, Grampians VIC

The Hexham Polo Club currently organises the whole event. Formerly known as the Caramut Polo Club, it was founded in Victoria’s Western District in 1884, and is credited as being the oldest club in Australia still in existence today.

All ages are welcome to enjoy the outdoors during the exciting game. The annual event usually consists of three matches; including a men versus women match.

Spectators are invited to watch the games while taking in the gorgeous weather, picnicking, and drinks at the bar. The one-day event will be filled with activities for both kids and adults all day long.

The Dunkeld Polo Cup is one of the most anticipated country polo games this side of Australia. It’s also known for having among the most stunning backdrops of any polo game in the world.

The games take place at the Dunkeld Racecourse, with the majestic Mt Sturgeon in the background.

The racecourse is located on Racecourse Road in Dunkeld, Victoria.

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What time is the Dunkeld Polo Cup?
Where is the Dunkeld Polo Cup located?
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What are the Dunkeld Polo Cup entry prices?
General Admission: $10
Child (Under 16Yrs): Free

Car Entry: $30

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