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Great Western Rodeo

Great Western Rodeo

The 2021 edition of the Great Western Rodeo was cancelled. Due to the restrictions that would be necessary under a COVID safe plan, it was not possible for the 2021 rodeo to go-ahead

The Great Western Rodeo, a yearly event held by the Great Western Football and Netball Club, has grown to be a premier must-attend event in Victoria.

With riders from Australia and rodeo-lovers from all over the world, it is little wonder that the event is a popular attraction in Victoria.

Great Western Rodeo 2022 Dates, Camping & Admission Prices, Victoria

The timing of the event is very flexible as it is held over the Easter holidays when many tourists have ample time to sample the thrill and adrenaline rush of rodeo riding. In addition to this, the Great Western Rodeo is held around the same time as the Stawell Easter Gift, offering more than just rodeo activities in the region.

The rodeo starts at midday and concludes at approximately at 8.30pm, which means that most events are run during daylight. At the conclusion of the rodeo, live music starts and runs through until 11pm.

Some of the facilities available on-location include a licensed bar, BBQ and a kiosk. There is also entertainment for visitors, and first aid equipment to ensure that any accidents or injuries are attended to quickly. For outdoor lovers, the expansive grounds provide ample space for camping, offering a delightful outdoor experience.

There is free camping offered on Thursday and Friday nights and a community breakfast on Saturday morning (for a small charge). There is a strictly no BYO drink policy as there is alcohol available for purchase at the event. You are permitted to bring your own food.

There is no better way to spend time in the outdoors over Easter than by attending this premier event.


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