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Regarded as the Wool capital of Australia, Hamilton is a charming town near the popular Grampians region in Victoria. Located almost 295km west of Melbourne, Hamilton is a major commercial centre for south-west Victoria.

The city is also known for its many scenic attractions on the gorgeous volcanic landscape and is often used as a convenient stop off point for those travelling from Melbourne through to Mount Gambier or Adelaide.

Hamilton Accommodation, Hotel & Motel, Victoria Australia

The major tourist draw is the popular Lake Hamilton. Located towards the eastern side of town, Lake Hamilton is one the most popular outdoor spots venue in the area for boating and fishing.

There are a number of accommodation options in Hamilton, most of which cater for shorter term rentals. These include hotels, motels, private rentals and B&B’s. If you need accommodation for a longer period at a cheaper rate, try some private apartment rentals which can be booked by the week or month. Check with the individual providers, but most have wi-fi, private bathrooms and breakfast available.

Come here for a leisurely walk or a fun-filled hiking across the breathtaking volcanic landscape. The lake area boasts a number of walking tracks heading to the small swimming beach. Visitors can swim, play and picnic at the lake area.

Those looking for historic attractions should visit Hamilton’s local museums. Hamilton houses an array of heritage museums and art galleries which are worth exploring. The Ansett transport museum and the Hamilton Art Gallery are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Hamilton.

Visitors to Hamilton can also explore the Hamilton Botanical gardens and indulge in an array of fun-filled activities with their family. Whether you want to relax, play or picnic, the garden is a perfect venue for you.

Explore the area’s rural communities and enjoy the many activities at a quaint countryside place. Nestled on Victoria’s volcano precinct, Hamilton boasts the authentic Australian country life. You can see the traditional wool making processes and farming techniques which have been followed by the residents for decades.

Don’t forget to enjoy a home-cooked meal at any of the local eateries after a few hours of activities and touring.

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