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Brambuk Cultural Centre

Brambuk Cultural Centre

Within the picturesque oasis of the Grampians, you will find the quaint area of Brambuk, right next to Halls Gap. If you are looking for a place with bountiful native flora and fauna, then visit Brambuk in the Grampians.

Also, Aboriginal rock sites boasting ancient rock arts are widely found in this area, so those with an interest in learning more about the culture of Aborigines should take a visit to the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Brambuk Cultural Centre & Grampians Visitor Centre Entry Fee, Halls Gap

The Brambuk Cultural Centre is the longest-running cultural centre still operated by Aboriginal people. Come here to explore the culture, its traditions and various multi-award winning architectural establishments.

Whilst visiting the centre, you will learn about local stories of Aboriginal people which are depicted through the many exhibits. Also, enjoy watching shows and seeing the artefacts and exhibits on display at the various museums and galleries in Brambuk.

Whether you’re interested in didgeridoo music, cultural programs or traditional Aboriginal dance, the Brambuk Cultural Centre offers everything for you to have a memorable experience.

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