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Horsham Cinema

Horsham Cinema

Horsham is a vibrant city located in Wimmera, Victoria and offers many opportunities for visitors to be entertained. One of the obvious entertainment options for visitors to Horsham is the Horsham Cinema.

Horsham Cinema, Phone Number & Address, Victoria

The cinema is located at 41 Pynsent Street, Horsham and hosts all the latest releases in its 3 screen cinema. Check out the latest action, comedy or drama at this historic cinema in Horsham.

There is a candy bar in the foyer which serves popcorn, ice creams and other treats for moviegoers. Tickets can be purchased directly from the box office or over the phone and cinema times are printed in the local paper as well as at the Cinema itself.

As this is a smaller, country theatre, new releases only run for a few short weeks, so make sure you get in early to see your favourites. So why not take a friend to go and see one of the many new releases on show at Horsham Cinema.

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