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MacArthur is a small country town located in South-West Victoria.

Considered as the gateway to the majestic Budj Bim National Park (Mount Eccles National Park) and the Kanawinka GeoPark, the town is home to significant historical landmarks, as well as numerous outdoor gems.

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The Budj Bim National Park is a must-visit for adventure seekers; once an active volcano from 18,000BC to 6,000BC. The 7,500-hectare national park today includes many other features that excite outdoor enthusiasts. It is home to a crater named Lake Surprise, and several walking trails. Explore the extinct lava canal if you’re feeling brave, but make sure to bring a torch along.

Towering manna gum trees and blackwood cover the terrain of the extinct volcano. You might stumble upon some wildlife here: koalas, ring-tail possums, kangaroos, and more than 70 bird species all call the Budj Bim National Park home.

The heritage within MacArthur includes the Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church; built in 1887 and 1875 respectively.

The best way to explore the local historical sites is to go on the MacArthur Heritage Trail, where plaques are strategically located to tell the story of an era that has gone by. Other historical attractions in the town include a replica of the Gordon Lucas Barber Shop and the Courthouse.

Stopover for a meal or a glass of red wine at a nearby winery or pub. MacArthur offers lots of exciting, unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there is a bed & breakfast in town, or there are quite a few accommodation options available up in Hamilton.

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