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Grampians Horse Riding

Come to the inviting Grampians mountain ranges to relax and enjoy an array of fun-filled and adventurous activities with your loved ones.

For those looking for a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping touring experience, you should try one of the horse riding tours available in this region. Come to any of the horse riding centres and try this popular activity which is a great way to explore the region’s most scenic offerings.

Grampians Horse Riding Tours – Halls Gap, Victoria

Your equestrian tour in the Grampians will certainly offer you an adventurous and fun-filled experience. First time riders can take a short training session before choosing to take a horseback riding tour and experienced riders can simply jump on an go!

Based on the difficulty, the horse riding activities are categorised in to easy, medium and advanced classes. Visitors can make their own choice based on their own experience, and enjoy taking a fun-filled ride across the stunning landscape and its surroundings. This activity is suitable for younger children as well, as all tours are run by an expert rider.

Indulge in the spectacular views of the Grampians National Park and its surroundings by taking a self-guided or group horse riding tour. Most of the tours are private and offer you an option to custom-tailor your trip. The tour operator will choose your horse based on your weight and riding experience, and if you have booked a private tour, your operator will run through some of the many horse tracks throughout the region.

Group tours are offered at a discounted price and guided by an expert rider who narrates about the history, culture and attractions of the region whilst also providing you with some helpful horse riding tips during your ride.


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