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Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls

Regarded as one of the largest and most popular waterfalls in the Grampians, MacKenzie Falls welcomes everyone to its peaceful setting. Adjacent to the renowned Grampians National Park, Mackenzie Falls is a major tourist attraction in this area.

Due to regular rainfall, the waterfall is the only all-year-round flowing waterway in the entire region. Visitors to the Grampians often visit this waterfall and enjoy picnicking, strolling through the grounds as well as various water activities.

Mackenzie Falls Walk, Map & Car Park Address Grampians, Australia

Panoramic views of the majestic mountain ranges and its surrounds can be enjoyed from the many viewing locations in the area. With the Grampians in the backdrop and surrounding grasslands, MacKenzie Falls offers an assorted range of outdoor activities for visitors.

Hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking are the major outdoor activities enjoyed by visitors to the Grampians. In addition, visitors can go fishing or kayaking across the pristine rivers and lakes in the Grampians.

The region boasts two main walks for the best view of the falls. Take a walk to the bottom of the falls and see the falls in all their glory. Then take a walk up to one of the many lookouts to get the best bird’s eye view of the surroundings. The picturesque viewing platform at the falls overlooks the hill ranges and the waterways nearby.

A walk to the bottom of the falls is steep on a good and clear track that is and is a 2km return trip. It typically takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete (return). For those heading to the viewing platform at the MacKenzie Falls Lookout, this is a gentle grade on a good track and is only 1.9kms return and will take about 40 minutes (return). The lookout has easy access for wheelchairs.

Public amenities include carpark areas and picnic grounds with tables and outdoor BBQ facilities in some areas. Near the falls, you will also find a visitor’s centre and the National Park Stock Image Gallery. Guests interested to learn more about the area’s vibrant geography and rich history can visit the gallery to check out the various pictures and artefacts.


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