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Hamilton Weather

Hamilton Weather

Hamilton weather is generally described as mild and dry. The temperatures in Hamilton fluctuate all year round due to different seasons, with records of an average high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the day in Summer and an average low temperature of 10 degrees Celsius during the day in Winter.

Knowing and understanding Hamilton weather patterns will go a long way in planning for trips to the area.

Hamilton Weather, Forecast, Victoria Australia

Sweltering heat in January and February makes Hamilton ideal for spending time in the cool of the Botanic Gardens. In cooler months when there may be a little rain, you may wish to spend a little more time indoors, perhaps touring the famous Ansett Museum or one of the local art galleries.


Hamilton experiences significant rainfall in July, August and September, but as a generally arid area, this rainfall is not sufficient to warrant trip cancellations. In fact, a number of visitors opt for this kind of weather because it eliminates the soaring temperatures that can easily make long road trips unbearable especially those travelling with children.

In December, January and February, the sun usually shines for an average 12 hours each day, giving individuals the chance to start their trips bright and early and stay out late. As is expected, fog is an extremely rare occurrence in January, making this month ideal driving trips throughout the region.

Understanding the weather is key to planning and enjoying a successful trip.

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