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Astor Cinema Ararat

The Astor Cinema Ararat is a historical landmark and a Heritage Listed building in Ararat.

Whether you come for the cinema, the history, or both, you won’t be disappointed.

Astor Cinema Ararat, Movie & Session Times, Ticket Prices & Phone Number

Way back when, the cinema was originally known as the Midland Theatre and was established back in the 1930’s. Its design consisted of seating stalls. as well as a stadium plan featuring a circle.

Today, visitors can still enjoy watching a film, but be sure to check out the memorabilia behind the building. The windows at the front of the building also feature an elegant Astor engraving, which makes for a quaint art deco touch.

If you stop by the Astor Ararat Cinema, you can also buy some tea, coffee, or snacks at the small shop on site. However, if you’re running late for the film, it’s also easy to order your food and beverages which will be delivered by an usher to you in the cinema.

Few establishments still practice these thoughtful gestures, so visitors are certainly getting more out of it than just a film.

Astor Cinema Ararat is located at 250 Barkly Street in Ararat, Victoria.

250 Barkly St
Ararat, VIC

Opening Hours
Sessions Start: 7:30pm, 7:40pm & 7:50pm

Phone Number
(03) 5352 2616

Ticket Prices / Admission
Adults: $15
Child: $14
Seniors: $13

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