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Lake Bolac

Lake Bolac

Lake Bolac is a beautiful freshwater lake on the Glenelg Highway near the Grampians. Located within easy driving distance, Lake Bolac easily connects to the Ararat-Mortlake road, the Great Ocean Road and Grampians Road. The freshwater lake is one of the popular tourist spots in the Grampians.

The lake is 6 to 7 feet deep and boasts crystal-clear water all throughout the year. A number of tourists come to Lake Bolac for boating, fishing and a number of other activities.

Lake Bolac, Fishing, Camping & Caravan Park, Victoria

The area was actually the habitat for the Aborigines of Booluburrers before Europeans started their settlement here. These Aboriginal people used to gather in groups around the lake and named it “Boloke”. Over the course of time, the name changed to Lake Bolac. Today, the lake is also considered historically significant, due to the links with the ancient civilisations of indigenous Australian inhabitants who lived here in the past.

Fishing, swimming and picnicking are some of the most popular things to do for all those visitors heading to Lake Bolac. Whether you choose the scenic trails or a driving tour, Lake Bolac has it all to keep you busy and entertained all throughout the day.

There is a campsite nearby known as the Lake Bolac Rest Area Campground. There are toilets, running water and picnic tables to make your camping trip a comfortable one. Dogs are also permitted at the campground.

The Lake Bolac Caravan Park is also located nearby at 115 Frontage Road. There are toilets, showers, BBQ’s, picnic areas and a laundry. The caravan park is also dog-friendly.

Lake Bolac is also renowned for popular community music and art festival, known as the Lake Bolac Eel Festival. A number of local and international visitors head to this event to enjoy a number of fun-filled activities and amusements. Famous for its music shows and art exhibitions, the family-friendly Lake Bolac Eel Festival welcomes all to an inviting atmosphere located next to the scenic hills of the Grampian Ranges.

So come camping at Lake Bolac for a fun weekend away. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in this region.


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Lake Rd or Frontage Rd
(Access via Mortlake-Ararat Rd), Lake Bolac, VIC

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