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Murray To Moyne

Murray to Moyne

Murray to Moyne is a cycling fundraising event for experienced cyclists running for over 30 years.

Founded in 1987 by the late Graham Woodrup and his wife Hester, the event has helped raise millions of dollars to promote health services in Victoria.

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The event is a cycling relay that stretches for over 520kms and takes place over 24 hours. Up to 1500 riders can register for the event, making it one of the largest cycling events held in Victoria.

The distances are so immense, so the rides are completed as a relay with participating teams. Typically, a team will consist of 8-12 riders, team members, a support crew and the riders. Generally, 2-4 riders of similar ability will relay with the other sub-groups in the team for a distance of 20 to 30kms at a time.

Registrations must be completed for all team members, and forms are available on the event’s website. Riders in the Murray to Moyne Event must be at least 14 years of age.

There are three riding courses to choose from:
The “Night Ride”, a 520km distance relay that lasts all day Saturday, through the evening into Sunday
The “Day Timers”, a 250km to 300km distance relay that commences Saturday until dusk and finishes in either Horsham or Stawell (whichever is first by nightfall) with an additional 90kms on Sunday
The “Sunday Striders”, a 90km distance relay from Hamilton to Port Fairy on Sunday

The Murray To Moyne Has Two Goals:

  • To raise funds for Hospitals and Health Services throughout Victoria and Australia. In the spirit of the Murray to Moyne to raise much-needed funds for health care, every team must nominate which Hospital or Health Service – Health related charity, they will raise funds for when they register.
  •  To continue Woody’s dream of getting more people to realise the fabulous health and social benefits of riding a bike.
The Murray to Moyne is a team relay event, so you can get a group of workmates, family or friends together and register a team, or let them know, and they’ll try and put you in touch with some other people who are keen to start up a new team in your area.

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What date is the Murray to Moyne?
What time is the Murray to Moyne?
Night Ride: Relay, riding Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday
Day Timers: Relay Saturday until dusk, or finish in Horsham or Stawell, whichever is first by night (opting out of the night ride in to Hamilton), plus 90kms on Sunday
Sunday Striders: Relay from Hamilton to Port Fairy on Sunday

Please visit our website for more information on the Murray to Moyne.
Where is the Murray to Moyne located?
What is the Murray to Moyne address?
What are the Murray to Moyne entry prices?
Night Riders: $120 per person
Day Timers: $120 per person
Sunday Striders: $60 per person

Please visit our website for more information on the Murray to Moyne.
What is the Murray to Moyne phone number?

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