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Horsham Botanical Gardens

Horsham Botanical Gardens

Horsham Botanical Gardens, a visitor’s paradise in the heart of Horsham, has origins that go back as far as the late 19th century.

William Guilfoyle, an accomplished landscape designer/botanist, is credited with designing the botanical gardens in Horsham, at a time when the gardens covered 37 acres. However today, only 8 acres remain.

Horsham Botanical Gardens – Address & Map, Victoria

Over the years, individuals have taken part in preserving the garden by making donations of trees and shrubs to ensure that the gardens provide a haven for flora for generations to come.

Amongst the trees planted at the Horsham Botanical Gardens, there are numerous picnic sites where visitors can simply kick back and relax in a serene environment.

Adjacent to the picnic sites are playgrounds especially designed for kids to have fun in a safe environment. A family-friendly destination, the gardens provide a much-needed break from the many concerns of daily life.

Visitors will fall in love with the lawns and rose gardens that dot the botanical facility. Nearby, the Wimmera River has numerous flowers on display that add vibrant colours to the gardens, particularly during Spring.

The Wimmera River close to the gardens is also a popular place for rowing and there are also walking and cycling tracks alongside the river.

BBQ facilities are also available on location at the Horsham Botanical Gardens. With numerous things to do, the gardens are a perfect place to visit for a packed day of fun activities.

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