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Burrong Falls

Burrong Falls

Burrong Falls is one of the most beautiful winter attractions in the Grampians National Park in Zumsteins.

Though located in a relatively remote area, getting to the falls only requires a short, moderate trek.

Burrong Falls, Waterfall Walk Track, Grampians National Park, Zumsteins

The waterfalls itself is nestled in a bush that entails a 300m walk from the car park. Visitors who enjoy an adventure in off-the-beaten-path destinations will appreciate the tranquillity offered by this area. Whether you are looking for some relaxation or excitement, you’ll find it here.

Burrong Falls features several steps that range in 1 to 5 meters in height, though they are wider than 20 meters. Some of the larger steps have smaller pools of water where you can sit and cool down as the water falls above you. If you aren’t too noisy, you might be lucky enough to spot some blue-tongued lizards who also enjoy lounging under the sun amongst the rocks.

Even though this area is less touristic, many find that as the main appeal. There’s hardly a chance that you will run into other tourists here, so if you’re seeking a quiet, sunny area to immerse in nature, Burrong Falls is it.

The best time to visit is from winter to early summer. Avoid coming during the peak of summer as you may be disappointed – the falls tend to dry up during the hot months.

Burrong Falls is located on Rose Creek Road in Zumsteins.

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