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Dundas Range Scenic Reserve

Dundas Range Scenic Reserve

The Dundas Range Scenic Reserve is an underrated attraction in Cavendish, Victoria.

If you are looking for a tranquil destination surrounded by lush greens and nature, this place is highly recommended.

Dundas Range Scenic Reserve, Mountain, Lookout, Track, Cavendish VIC

To get to the reserve, drive to the turnoff located between Balmoral and Cavendish. For the best views, take the gravel road to the top. If you’re lucky, you might even get to spot some wallabies and kangaroos. Mount Dundas itself is around 456 meters above sea level, guaranteeing some terrific sights along the way.

Dundas Range Scenic Reserve makes for a great side trip when visiting Balmoral. The small town is located along the Glenelg River, whose banks are flanked by beautiful river red gums and rural countryside. Wool is still the predominant industry here, and there are several attractions to explore.

When in Balmoral, don’t forget to visit the Courthouse and Gaol, whose history dates back to 1877. The Stanmore Folk Sculpture, created by Betty Trottman, is found in the artists’ well-preserved 1860 residence. Explore the beautiful gardens where you can stroll about and even enjoy a picnic. Other great areas to picnic include Seymour Park and Longfella Park.

Other sights to check out in Balmoral after visiting the Dundas Range Scenic Reserve include Ford Reserve, the Underground House, Balmoral Golf Course, the Historic Town Walk, Rocklands Reservoir, and the Mount Talbot Scenic Reserve.

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