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Dunkeld Arboretum

Dunkeld Arboretum

The Dunkeld Arboretum is a popular attraction you should check out whilst visiting the Grampians as it boasts a stunning view wild flowers and an abundance of natural wildlife.

Within the Arboretum, you will see thorn bills, water fowls, kookaburras and many more. So if a quiet day out in nature is what you are looking for, then the Dunkeld Arboretum is the place for you.

Dunkeld Arboretum – Fishing & Walking Trail, Grampians

Take a stroll throughout the park and admire the river beds and paths that are surrounded by the old, majestic trees. While you take a walk, do a bit of birdwatching as you view many of the local species native to the Grampians. Dogs are permitted, as long as they remain on a leash.

After admiring nature, you can enjoy some other activities such as fishing where you will find an abundance of rainbow trout. But please note that you will require a fishing licence to fish in these lakes which can be obtained locally from the Dunkeld News Agency. After a spot of fishing, check out the labyrinth, the Old Saw Mill and the nearby wetlands.

A visit to Dunkeld would be incomplete without a relaxing stroll through the Arobretum, so make sure to make some time to visit on your trip to the Grampians.

Old Ararat Rd
Dunkeld, VIC

Opening Hours
24 hours

Phone Number
1800 807 056

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