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Grange Burn

Grange Burn

Grange Burn is an important historical and natural attraction in Victoria. This creek has witnessed some of the most important historical events in the area’s history.

Several areas have already undergone beautification in recent years, so if you are looking for a unique experience in Victoria, this spot is highly recommended.

Grange Burn, Walking & Bike Path, River & Parks, Hamilton, VIC

The creek features two main characteristics: an area that is natural, while another part has been partly designed. The latter area has been modified in such a way that it can now cater to visitors who can enjoy recreational activities.

These include Victoria Park, Kennedy Park, and Apex Park. Meanwhile, the rest of the area has been left to grow naturally. Victoria Park is recognised as the most significant formal location within Grange Burn.

Ecologically speaking, Grange Burn is a tributary of the Wannon River and flows to the Hamilton side. The creek, as well as its surrounding areas, is important not just for recreation but also for agriculture and ecology. The waters are home to native fish, which have unfortunately become threatened over time. These include the Glenelg Spiny Crayfish, Little Galaxias, and the Variegated Pygmy Perch. The area is also home to one of the most abundant platypus populations, which visitors may see along the walking trail.

A visit to Grange Burn will reward you with a rich natural experience and possible sightings of wildlife.

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