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Hamilton Gallery
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Hamilton Gallery

The Hamilton Gallery is a treasure collection whose pieces can be traced back over 50 years, making this a delightful space for art lovers in Hamilton.

With a diverse collection and numerous events held throughout the year, Hamilton Gallery is a great place to visit during your stay in the Grampians.

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The Gallery is managed by the Shire of Southern Grampians and is one of the most outstanding cultural icons in the region. With more than 8,000 works of art, there is so much more to see than can be captured in a short visit. This collection features works of art in the areas of furniture, Oriental art, ceramics and metalwork.

There are also paintings on display, complete with contemporary artworks that captures the way art has evolved over the decades. In addition to the art works on display, the gallery is home to many exhibitions and events that showcase the best of art in Hamilton. Some of the events held here during the year include the Winter Art Film Series as well as exhibitions focusing on a particular artist or technique.

One of the aims of the Hamilton Gallery is to encourage creativity while appreciating the efforts made by stakeholders in the field. This is mainly achieved by offering educational programs that encourage the community to be involved in learning and preserving art.

Tours are offered around the gallery, as well as workshop programs, talks and art films. It is important to mention that whole the guided tours are free for schools and community groups, prior booking must be made. A small fee may be charged for these programs. Otherwise, general entry is free.

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