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HIRL Parklands & Bandicoot Enclosure

HIRL Parklands & Bandicoot Enclosure is a popular attraction that allows visitors to see beautiful Australian bandicoots up close.

HIRL (Hamilton Institute of Rurual Learning) established the enclosure especially for children, so that they can learn more about Australia’s native flora and fauna.

HIRL Parklands & Bandicoot Enclosure – Visiting Times Hamilton Victoria

Visitors are welcome to take a walk through the expansive 100 ha woodland to try and spot the elusive bandicoot. This animal is critically endangered in Australia, therefore this reserve was established to protect and regenerate the species.

There is a protective fence around the reserve to allow the bandicoots to live and breed in relative safety. More than 120 bandicoots were introduced into the reserve when it opened, and a further 30 in 2007. Since that time, breeding has further increased those numbers.

The native flora is maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers and many native birds and frogs now call this reserve home.

So next time you are visiting Hamilton, stop by to check out these beautiful Australian animals in this protected environment.

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