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Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is a beautiful and significant place of worship located in Stawell, Victoria.

It features outstanding architectural details but also plays an important role in the religion of the local community.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Sunday Mass Times & Services, Stawell

The church is made from high-quality stone and created in Early English Gothic revival style. It was established in 1864, designed by architect James Fox, and a builder known as Mr Blackstone. The design features four bays, a vestry located on the south side, a polygonal apse that acts as the chancel, and an aisle.

The tower’s base features a belfry made from timber, on the northern side. Meanwhile, its walls are made of durable local stone, and the roof is constructed out of slate. The stunning windows are either made from clear or stained glass.

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church has many stunning aspects, both outside as well as inside. Its interior has numerous features common to the 19th-century ecclesiastical styles such as intricately designed glass windows, a pulpit, altar crucifix, and a lectern.

Prominent members of Coleraine were also kind enough to donate much of its furniture. Inside, many wall memorials pay homage to local people. One more notable feature inside is the pipe organ, which was created by Meadway and Slatterie.

A stroll through the tranquil church grounds will reveal a massive Quercus robur tree. You’ll also find a memorial flag for Sergeant Arthur William Tippett, surrounded by four Cupressus sempervirens.

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church happens to be the earliest major church built in the area, and it is also the oldest to survive.

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