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Kennedy Oval

Kennedy Oval

Kennedy Oval is one of the leading recreation reserves of Hamilton in the Southern Grampians.

It’s best known for being the main venue for cricket matches in the area.

Kennedy Oval, Cricket Club, Clubrooms & Practice Nets, Hamilton VIC

The oval was named after George Kennedy, a man who left Melbourne for Hamilton back in 1905. He was famous for his prowess in bowling and batting. George Kennedy left an important legacy for local sports, so it’s only right that he gets an oval named after him.

The Kennedy Oval hosts many of the most important cricket games, as well as other sports. Cricket has a large part of Australian culture; a sport that has been played in the country for over 200 years.

The first recorded cricket match was held on December 1803 in Sydney, but it wasn’t until 1861 when English teams played against Australia. Additionally, the Australian national cricket team has the reputation of being among the most successful in the international cricket world.

For anyone visiting the Southern Grampians, witnessing a cricket game is a must-do. It’s an exciting game not just to play, but to watch as well and gives you a good feel of the camaraderie involved in the sport.

Kennedy Oval is located at 30 Palmer Street in Hamilton, Victoria.

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