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Kranz Art Studio
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Kranz Art Studio

Kranz Art Studio is a stunning space located in the heart of Dunkeld township just off the Glenelg Highway. One of the region’s idyllic spots for art lovers, the studio is home to a diverse range of paintings.

These glorious works of art range from portraits to amazing landscape paintings and still life created by artist Sandra Kranz.

Sandra Kranz Art Studio, Opening Times & Grampians Paintings, Dunkeld

Sandra Kranz is the brains behind the studio and has been active in the Grampians art scene for decades. As a renowned artist who has painted portraits of iconic Australian figures, the vibrant studio is an additional feather to her cap. Sandra has a special collection of paintings that capture the very essence of natural biodiversity in the Grampians.

In addition to this selection, Kranz Art Studio also features paintings of Outback Australia as well as those that depict Bali’s natural beauty. A casual glance at the paintings reveals their uniqueness and explains their prominence in the local art scene.

All of the paintings at the studio are painted directly, meaning that photographs are used during painting. This is inclusive of night time paintings that are as surreal as they are captivating. Look out for a painting known as ‘The Mural’ which is located near the studio and measures 20 metres wide by 12 metres tall; this is one of Sandra’s most famous paintings in the region. Kids will also enjoy visiting the gallery as there is a children’s section that boasts fairyland paintings.

Paintings by Sandra are available for sale at the studio, and lay-by is welcome. The gallery remains open most days, or by appointment.

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