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Lake Toolondo

Lake Toolondo

Lake Toolondo (also known as Toolondo Reservoir) is located north-east of the Grampians region, between the towns of Horsham and Hamilton.

The lake features a caravan park that has onsite vans and areas for camping. The most popular activity carried out on this lake is fishing; as the lake has an abundance of native fish.

Lake Toolondo, Fishing, Camping & Caravan Park, Victoria

Both the northern and the southern ends of Lake Toolondo have a boat ramp, however, these ramps become unusable during periods of drought due to the onset of low water levels.

Toolondo Lake is not only renowned as a venue for trout fishing but also popular with water skiers and swimmers. The Lake also features a private caravan park and toilet facilities. However, the authorities in this area do not allow visitors to come with their dogs.

While the Lake does not permit camping, there are plenty of recreational activities featured here including swimming, water skiing and jet skiing.

A visit to the lake exposes you to the spectacular scenery of fly-fishing during certain periods of the year. The shallows often trap minnows and yabbies. However, it is worthy to come with your own bait. Visit Lake Toolondo to experience these memorable recreational activities.


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