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Lake Wartook

Lake Wartook

Located within half an hours drive from Halls Gap, Lake Wartook is a delightful venue boasting a serene setting perfect for all weekend and day trippers. It is also one of the largest and most renowned lakes in the Grampians region.

Bordered by many wild flowering plants and with the majestic mountain ranges in the backdrop, Lake Wartook is a popular scenic spot near the Grampians National Park. Visitors of all ages can come here to experience a wonderful sightseeing tour, scenic walk or family outing.

Lake Wartook Fishing, Grampians Map, Victoria

Within a 5km drive from the lake, you will find a campground which offers basic amenities such as pit toilets, sheltered areas with tables and car parking facilities. Campers can enjoy a range of hiking trails, boating and fishing at Lake Wartook in the Grampians, but please note that there is a fee for campers staying at the campground.

The lake boasts two popular fish species; redfin and trout. Visitors can also enjoy freshly cooked BBQ meals at their campsites after fishing at the lake.

With pristine water and warm temperatures, the lake is perfect fishing, however, swimming is not permitted. In the middle of the lake, there is a tiny island called Bear Island. Tourists can take a boat to this island and enjoy the various attractions and panoramas that the lake has to offer.

Bird watching is a great activity to enjoy at the lake area as the nearby dense woodlands house a wide array of native and migratory birds.

For those interested in cycling tours can bring their bicycles and take a tour across the craggy landscapes of the Grampians. Also, enjoy trekking at the various hiking routes at the hill ranges and parks near this scenic lake.


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