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Mount Arapiles-tooan State Park

Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park

The Tooan State Park is a beautiful natural attraction located in the Wimmera plains of Western Victoria. It encompasses Mount Arapiles, the Tooan block, and Mitre Rock, for a total of 7,475 hectares.

The state park is significant for being an area of nature conservation, serving as a home to around 14% of the flora species found in all of Victoria.

Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park, Rock Climbing, Lookout & Hike Map, VIC

The primary highlight within the park include Mount Arapiles; a famous rock formation popular for rock climbing; Tooan block, a locale where some rare woodlands can be found; and Mitre Rock, a group of rocks right by Lake Mitre that is well-loved among young and old climbing enthusiasts.

Mount Arapiles, in particular, is among Australia’s most famous rock-climbing sites. There are over 2,000 routes on the mountain alone, which have been developed to cater to climbers of all abilities and experience. But for non-climbers, the area also has many other exciting outdoor activities to enjoy. One of these includes the Circuit Walk, a 15km trail that takes around 3 hours each way. It starts and ends at the Centenary Park Campground and Picnic Area, but is rather flat most of the way. Other walks include the Gully Loop Walk and the Nature Walk.

Mount Arapiles is also surrounded by a gravel vehicle track, ideal for cycling and driving. Exploring the track on two or four wheels is a great way to see the environment – especially during the spring when it comes alive with wildflowers.

For picnics, head over to the nearby Centenary Park. It’s equipped with picnic tables, a shelter, wood barbecue, and picnics; just pack along some firewood as well as drinking water.

The Indigenous peoples of the Wegaia, Jaadwa, Wotjobaluk, Jadawadjali, and the Jupagalk are recognised as the traditional owners of the Mount Arapiles – Tooan State Park.

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