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Mount William

Mount William

The Grampians is made up of a number of scenic areas including a number of picturesque hill ranges and summits. Mount William is a popular summit near the beautiful town of Mafeking. Known for its popular lookouts and fascinating scenic sites, the area of Mount William is a renowned tourist destination in the Grampians Ranges.

With over a height of 1,168 metres, Mount William is known for having one of the best viewing platforms that offer breathtaking views of the entire mountain ranges and its surroundings.

Mt William National Park, Australia

You can view the verdant farmlands, quaint townships and sub-alpine vegetation from this peak. Travellers can take a tour across the most scenic spots and enjoy the panoramic views that the area has to offer.

Driving tours to Mount William are very popular amongst city dwellers. Located about 250kms from Melbourne, this area is an easily accessible day trip destination. A number of holiday-makers from all parts of the nation come here to enjoy the scenic views, picnic at the various picnic grounds and relax in a serene setting away from the busy city life. Also, enjoy hiking and rock climbing at this majestic peak in the Grampians.

Public amenities include the car park areas near the summit of the Mount William Range in the Grampians. Visitors enthusiastic to rock climb can take guided or self-guided tours across the scenic landscape. Most tours take approximately 1-1.5hrs to get to the summit and visitors of all ages can take a bushwalking tour as the walk has medium grade inclines. Moderate fitness levels are recommended.

The area’s ancient Aboriginal culture also fascinates a number of visitors with an interest in history and heritage. Don’t miss a visit to the popular Mount William while visiting this charming destination near the Grampians.

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