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Pedrina Park

Pedrina Park

Pedrina Park is an oval and playground with numerous facilities for adults and kids to enjoy an active day.

It serves as a major sporting venue, with three dual-purpose ovals, soccer field, synthetic hockey pitch, and 8 netball courts.

Pedrina Park, Oval, Cricket, Hockey, Netball & Soccer Address, Hamilton

As a premier regional sporting venue, the park is home to many local sports clubs. These include the Hamilton Netball Association, the Hamilton Soccer Club, Glenelg Regional Hockey Association, and the St Andrews Cricket Club.

The playground features a standalone slide, wave slide, swings, ladder, fireman’s pole, chain bridge, and steering wheel. Toilets and tables are located nearby as well.

Thanks to excellent maintenance and recent upgrades, Pedrina Park continues to serve many functions due to its multipurpose facilities. This venue plays an important role in the growth of local sports teams primarily those in soccer, hockey, cricket, as well as field athletics.

Pedrina Park is located at 335 North Boundary Road in Hamilton.

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