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Police Paddock

Police Paddock

The Horsham Police Paddock Reserve is a popular recreational spot that boasts beautiful parklands.

The reserve is an island whose natural formation led to its use as a place where police horses were rested back in the 19th century.

Police Paddock, Horsham Dam & Picnic Reserve, Victoria

Today, the reserve is a great spot for nature enthusiasts and walkers as there are excellent recreational facilities available for cyclists and nature walkers. Dogs are permitted in the Horsham Police Paddock but should remain leashed as there are a number of native birds and animals that live here.

Take a stroll around the reserve with your pets and enjoy a picnic as there are picnic tables and chairs located on-site. There are also toilets located nearby.

Camping is apparently not permitted anymore at Police Paddock, with bush camping popular along the banks of the river. There is no potable water, so you will need to bring your own supplies for the day.


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