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Pyrenees State Forest
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Pyrenees State Forest

The Pyrenees State Forest is a stunning destination that offers a mix of both culture and nature.

Here, you’ll be treated to various wildlife sightings, lush forest, rugged mountain ranges, colourful wildflowers, and notable historic attractions.

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The Waterfalls Picnic Area, Pyrenees Endurance Walk, and the Governor Lookout are the main highlights of the forest. It’s for this reason that the forest has become well-loved among outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy getting fit while in nature. Valley Walk, Ebling Track Walk, and Sugarloaf Walk are also recommended for those seeking easy walking trails.

As the forest is situated some 800 meters high, it is home to a varied mix of flora and fauna. Over 100 bird species and 200 plant species have been recorded within the forest alone. Brown Falcons, Little Eagles, Brown Goshawks, and Whistling Kites are frequent sightings in the sky here. Meanwhile, on the ground and trees, look out for kookaburras, koalas, galahs, and parrots. If you’re lucky, you might also stumble on some wallabies, kangaroos, and possums.

The forest is also home to some campsites; these include the Waterfalls Campgrounds, the GlenPatrick Reserve Committee, and the Cameron Track Campgrounds. Just avoid camping beneath trees, since they have been known to drop branches without any warning. If you’d rather relax, there are lots of opportunities to do so within the Pyrenees State Forest. Just find a quiet spot, have a picnic, or read a book.

The Pyrenees State Forest is located within the Central Victorian Goldfields around 200km northwest from Melbourne. The best way to access it is from Avoca, and from here head west on Vinoca Road; follow the signs that take you to the wineries then from here you’ll be in the Waterfalls Picnic Area in no time.

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