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Saint Mary’s Catholic Church

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout Australia and the resulting restrictions imposed by the Federal and State governments, Saint Mary’s Catholic Church has been temporarily closed until further notice. We will keep you up to date any developments and please stay safe.

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church is the main place of worship for Catholics in Hamilton.

It is renowned for its architecture and many fascinating design aspects.

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church Service & Sunday Mass Times, Hamilton VIC

In 1865, the first section of the church was designed by William Wilkinson Wardell; an architect famous for designing Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral. Wardell was also responsible for designing several ecclesiastical buildings in Victoria. James Henry Fox, an architect known for his work in the Hamilton Hospital, helped oversee early work at the church.

In August 1866, the church opened its doors to the public. Today, it is frequented by the city’s regular churchgoers, as well as anyone who appreciates architecture. The bluestone structure features sandstone dressings of Mt Sturgeon, but one of its most notable features is the steep apse and etiolated windows.

Frank Hammond, a local architect who has contributed to the design of many significant buildings in Hamilton, also added several interesting features in the structure. Saint Mary’s Catholic Church’s west wing was completed by Hammond by 1902, and he also helped design the spire by 1916. In 1987, Saint Mary’s Catholic Church underwent renovations, which was overseen by architect Francis Punch.

The church is one of Hamilton’s most significant landmarks, well worth a visit if you are in town.

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church is located at 136 Lonsdale Street in Hamilton.

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