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St Peters Lutheran Church

St Peters Lutheran Church

The St Peters Lutheran Church is a church in Stawell that was built all the way back in 1858.

The primary objective of the church is organising religious activity intended to serve Australia’s general community and uniting the Evangelical Lutheran congregations.

St Peters Lutheran Church Congregation & Mass Times, Stawell VIC

Lutherans believe that they need to fulfil the Christian Church mission, which is to proclaim the Word of God, as well as administer the sacraments based on the Article 11.

As part of the Lutheran Church of Australia, the church believes that they are part of a community of faith where Jesus Christ founded the apostolic church.

Together with other Lutheran churches, St Peters Lutheran Church has its roots in the 16th-century movement which is recognised as the Reformation. It was all done through the work of Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk studying biblical theology in Germany. Today, the church is widely attended by Lutherans who gather on a regular basis to join in the teachings of Luther about Christ.

The St Peters Lutheran Church is located at Scallan Street in Stawell.

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