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Stawell Arboretum

Stawell Arboretum

Stawell Arboretum is conveniently located on Upper Sloane Street in Stawell, and provides an enticing escape from the town into the lush green scenery.

The arboretum was designed and developed with the aim of reversing the devastating effects of reef mining on the environment in Stawell.

Stawell Arboretum – Address in the Grampians, Victoria

Mining was rife between the mid-19th century and the early-20th Century. The arboretum’s proximity to Big Hill means that visitors will often visit the two attractions within the day as they are conveniently located nearby. In fact, the arboretum is so close that visitors can get stunning views of the Big Hill Area, another popular tourist attraction in Stawell.

The arboretum is a relaxed location and ideal for picnics. Families with kids can take their little ones as there is ample space to play about and picnic tables available.

The bird life at the arboretum in Stawell is always thriving, as the birds are attracted by the gum trees during the flowering phase. Musk lorikeets, a tiny and very colourful bird, is also a common sighting at the arboretum.

Visitors can also take nature walks across the arboretum to appreciate the diversity the flora and evening walks are particularly delightful due to the cool temperatures in the evenings.

Big Hill Rd
Stawell, VIC

Opening Hours
24 hours

Phone Number
13 19 63

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