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Wakefield Park Garden
Wakefield Park Garden by denisbin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Wakefield Park Garden

Wakefield Park Garden is a private garden that teems with lush manicured lawns and lots of shaded spaces.

The expansive garden covers a hectare and is home to mature English trees that tower well above the flower beds for a truly magical natural experience.

Wakefield Park Garden, Events & Opening Hours, Cavendish Victoria

The shrubberies complement the beautiful and fragrant rose gardens tucked away among the verdant lawns. From the decorated entrance, visitors walk under beautiful flowered arches before getting onto the crab apple tunnel and silver birch walk. From here, visitors are treated to a heavenly view that consists, of towering orchard trees, liquid amber trees and an inviting rose garden whose flowers fill the air with a delightful scent.

This relaxing environment is also home to a myriad of insects and native birds that call the garden home. Other wonderful attractions at the gardens include a large wisteria covered with colonnade, an old orchard as well as a bluestone patio. There is also a courtyard with a fountain tucked away amongst the roses, commonly referred to as ‘The Dark Lady’.

Wakefield Park Garden hosts the annual Cavendish Garden Festival every November. This festival brings together garden enthusiasts and plant lovers across Cavendish and beyond. Depending on your travel plans, attending this festival is one of the best ways to experience the Grampians.

Coach groups are also welcome to visit the gardens. The gardens are open by appointment from 10am to 5pm between September and May.

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