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Westgate Vineyard

Westgate Vineyard

The Westgate Vineyard is a historic winery and vineyard property in the Grampians. The first vines were planted in 1969, but the harvest was only used by local vignerons in order to produce wines. Later, the vineyard owners decided to create wines on their own.

By 1990, the Westgate Vineyard had new facilities built on the property and after receiving their winemaking license, the they started creating wines on a small scale. Since then, the Westgate Vineyard creates many quality wines under the same ‘Westgate’ label.

Westgate Vineyard, Grampians Winery, Armstrong Victoria

The Westgate Vineyard is a major source of quality fruits for many local wineries. Even after so many decades, the vineyard continues to produce some of the best quality fruits around. Wine lovers are welcome here for wine tasting and vineyard tours. This picturesque setting at the base of scenic mountains is also a great spot to relax and unwind.

Sample an array of the award-winning wines at this beautiful vineyard. Visitors are welcome to dine here, with plenty of full-scale dining venues and bistros found adjoining the winery area. You will also come across a range of friendly pubs, cafe and tea rooms nearby.

After spending time at the winery, relax at an al-fresco dining venue or a fine-dine restaurant to relish some tasty delights that tempt your inner gastronome. The Westgate also offers a range of excellent and cosy bed and breakfast accommodation for guests.

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