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Seppelt Great Western

Seppelt Great Western

Seppelt Great Western is another historic winery in the Grampians Wine Region, with over 150 years of wine making experience. Over the course of time, the quaint facility has established itself as a reputed quality wine producer.

The Seppelt approach is always to create something new. Thus, each of their wines boasts unique varietal characteristics, strong flavour, and authentic taste. All in all, the wines from Seppelt are some of the best, premium, and regionally expressive wines.

Seppelt Great Western – Grampians Winery, Victoria

The winemakers here always aim at maintaining standards of excellence. No wonder, their wines have an iconic status in the wine industry. They always carefully make the right fruit selection in order to make some exceptional wines. Their wines are not only of high quality, but also feature an authentic taste and flavour. Some of their wine series have also won several awards and accolades over time.

Winemakers at Seppelt’s always choose ripe grapes for more flavour, so each of their wines have a refined taste and elegant structure. Visitors to this winery will get a chance to taste some of their special wines.

Seppelt Great Western is not just about producing wines. In fact, it is a great historic spot that showcases century-old local heritage and tradition. Whilst visiting this old winery, visit the underground tunnels or “the Drives,” where the winemakers store their sparkling wines for ageing. Some of their wines are also over 130 years old!

Visitors are also invited to enjoy coffee and cheese platters at this beautiful winery. So, if you are in the Grampians region and in the mood for tasting some of the best-quality wines that the region has to offer, then look no further. Visit Seppelt Great Western for a memorable wine tasting trip and a scenic winery tour experience.

36 Cemetery Rd
Great Western, VIC

Operating Hours
Cellar door: 10am to 5pm daily

(03) 5361 2239


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