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Great Western

Great Western

Great Western is a quaint town in Victoria located just off the Western Highway and approximately 220 kms from Melbourne. With an approximate population of 650, the town of Great Western is a popular residential community and less known as a tourist destination.

Great Western was originally started from a European settlement during the early 1840s. Gradually, the area developed with the installation of a post office, communication and transportation facilities. Today, Great Western is a thriving community in the western region of Victoria.

Great Western Accommodation, Hotel & Winery, Victoria

Popular attractions in this city include the many picturesque wineries and vineyards. Visitors heading along the Western Highway to Horsham could stop at Great Western for a break at one of the many wineries and vineyards and have a taste of one of the local wines. Great Western is known for producing a high-quality range of wines, including some unique and world-famous varieties such as the Seppelt Salinger.

Visitors coming to Great Western can also enjoy an array of activities, including horseback riding, picnicking and hiking. As the area houses a number of horse racing clubs and many people visit this township in January for the famous Great Western Cup.

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