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Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve

Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve

The Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve is a stunning Nature Conservation Reserve where visitors can come to appreciate the local flora and fauna.

The entire area has been reserved for Management of Wildlife, according to the Crown Lands Reserve Act.

Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve, Birds, Swamp, Hide & Map, Penshurst VIC

Located west of Penhurst, the 13-hectare wildlife reserve is home to one of the very few Deep Freshwater Marsh wetlands situated on public property within Penhurst. The wetlands are spring-fed and provide an important home during the summer for flora and fauna, especially important wetland birds.

More than 30 types of bird species have been found here, such as the Blue-winged Shovelers, Black Duck, Brolga, Latham’s Snipe, Black Swan, Coots, and many more. Additionally, there are also over 30 flower species found here: Weeping grass, Kangaroo Grass, Southern Water-ribbons, Kangaroo apple, and Nodding saltbush among many others.

Spotting local wildlife is fairly common at the Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve especially the wallaby, tiger snake, native swamp rat skink, marsh frog, and much more.

If you love nature, the Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve is the perfect experience for both young and old. Aside from the incredible sightings of flora and fauna, this protected area is peaceful and quiet. It’s a great place to relax alongside plants and animals in their natural habitat.

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