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Hamilton Eisteddfod

Hamilton Eisteddfod

The Hamilton Eisteddfod is an annual event held at the Performing Arts Centre in Hamilton and offers a platform for musicians to perform before a live audience.

What sets this event apart from other music festivals is that in addition to music and dance, the artists have their performances judged by a panel of professionals in their specific artistic fields.

Hamilton Eisteddfod 2024 Dates, Location & Times, Victoria

With a rich history of over 50 years, the event is a creative platform for musicians and dancers drawn from students just about to sit their examinations. The assessment from the judges provides a much-needed critique to make improvements where necessary.

In addition, the Hamilton Eisteddfod creates awareness of the arts in Hamilton and highlights the excellent Performing Arts Centre in Hamilton as a premier facility for arts. The event stretches over a fortnight, with one week dedicated to dancing and the other to music, giving visitors a rich experience while music and dance students thrive off the event’s competitiveness.

While this is undoubtedly an exciting event, there are some rules that visitors must abide by. Digital devices that include smartphones, cameras and video cameras are strongly prohibited; those who fail to observe this rule may be ejected from the auditorium. However, authorised photographers on location can photograph during the performances and make photographs available for sale.

For accommodation, visitors keen on attending the two-week event will be thrilled with the numerous options within Hamilton, ranging from hotels to motels and budget-friendly caravan parks.

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