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Horsham Australia Day

Australia Day Horsham

Come and celebrate Australia Day in Horsham. Celebrated on January 26th, Australia Day is a public holiday that honours the arrival of the first British Fleet on Australian soil.

Visitors to Horsham can join in on the festivities to commemorate the day, with a local community event held each year in Sawyer Park.

Australia Day Horsham Celebrations, 2023 Date & Program, Sawyer Park VIC

Australia Day recognises that on 26th January 1788, the first British fleet arrived at Port Jackson in Australia. The event is celebrated to reflect the rich history, diverse society and the unique heritage of Australia.

Come and celebrate Australia Day, to be held at Sawyer Park, Hocking St; on the banks of the Wimmera River and join in the Horsham festivities. A free BBQ breakfast is made available commencing at 7am with the support of the Combined Service Clubs whilst the official ceremony to commence at 8am.

Following the official ceremony, there will be children’s activities available until 12noon for family members to enjoy.

The region has two other rural celebrations held at, Brimpaen Recreational Reserve and at Dadswells Bridge.

So dress in your best Aussie gear and get involved in this special day to celebrate all the best things about being Australian!

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