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Patchewollock Music Festival

Patchewollock Music Festival

The Patchewollock Music Festival began in 2012 as a one-off event, but following the warm reception and the success of the festival, it morphed into an annual event that brings together locals and foreign visitors for a fun weekend of music and entertainment.

The event is run by a team of volunteers drawn from the region, who have crafted a unique festival that offers entertainment and various music genres to cater for the diversity of all visitors.

Patchewollock Music Festival, 2024 Dates & Program Schedule, VIC

The Patchewollock Music Festival is a must-visit festival because it effortlessly blends the town’s rustic charm with upbeat entertainment.

Each year, over 50 performers from around Australia come to this 3-day festival to entertain visitors with a massive program of music, dance, comedy, yarn-spinning, bush tucker and sheep racing.

Quite a number of visitors from various Australian cities enjoy this festival’s bush setting because there is great music on offer and great food and local wines. The traditional outback cuisine is a must-sample for anyone who appreciates great food.

The following artists are taking part in this year’s festival: Nicky Bomba, The Parle Brothers, The Blues Berries, Irie, Miss Ohio, Ally Row
The Cauldron, Roy Kossena, Julia Woodall, The Shared Affair, AJ & Jenny, The Shed Heads, Col Driscoll, Broken Butterflies, Electrodub Experiment, Llyod Dodsworth, and Byron Triandafyllidis.

The availability of camping facilities at this location also offers the perfect getaway for visitors who love the outdoors. Adventurous visitors will often take time to tour the area after the Patchewollock Music Festival is over.

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What date is the Patchewollock Music Festival?
Where is the Patchewollock Music Festival located?
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What are the Patchewollock Music Festival entry prices?
Adult (Aged 18yrs & over): TBA
This ticket is for one adult (age 18 and over) and includes access to free camping on a "first in best dressed" basis

Child (Under 18yrs): Free

Camp oven meal: TBA
On Saturday night camp oven meals are served after being prepared over hot coals all day

Please visit our website for more information on the Patchewollock Music Festival.
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