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Serra Terror

Serra Terror

Serra Terror is an endurance event hosted in the Grampians National Park over the Queens Birthday weekend in June each year.

The event is held over two action-packed days where teams join together to try and battle the elements as they run, hike and climb over an 80km long course.

Serra Terror 2024 Registration Date, Dunkeld Hiking Race, Grampians

The Serra Terror was started in 2010 as a fundraising event for the Dunkeld Community Centre and, since its inception, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the centre.

Up to 50 teams compete each year, with each team consisting of 4 people who can complete the course together in a team effort or as groups of 5-8 people who can cover the course as a relay event, changing competitors at designated checkpoints.

Each year the course changes slightly, so competitors can compete year after year with an ever-changing course that is challenging for even elite competitors. Checkpoints occur at around every 10kms of track, and support crews must be organised to assist each team. Registration is required to compete in this event, so register early, as places are limited.

There are various accommodation options in Dunkeld, from motels and hotels to guest houses and private apartments.


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  • Hi Donna,

    For the most indepth information on the event, i would suggest looking at the details on the official event website or their Facebook page, which is likely to have the latest information since their website doesn’t look to have been updated since before June 2020.

    As for your question on support crews, the way i read their information is that you you need to organise this. It doesn’t exactly say it those given words, but on the page https://www.dunkeldadventure.com.au/serra-terror/event-rules/, it states that “Teams must have a Support Crew and must be self sufficient. The Support Crew is responsible for providing teams with the majority of their food, water, change of clothes etc during the event. Please ensure your Support Crew is suitably advised.”

    So with the wording of “your support crew” and “must be self sufficient”, i read this that this is something you need to fully organise and is not provided.

    There is a full page on this at https://www.dunkeldadventure.com.au/support-crew-information/

    As for more information, there is all the pages on the above websites, but they also prepared an information booking for the 2019 event (it looks like one was never created for 2020), which is a good source of information on the event. This can be found at http://www.dunkeldadventure.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/ST-Info-Booklet-2019.pdf


  • I would like to find out more about this event for example, it says you need a support team every 10ks. Do competitors have to supply this team?

    Any other information which can be emailed or sent please ?

    Thanks in advance

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