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Branxholme is a small town located in the Southern Grampians region and south-west of Hamilton.

It’s occupied by just a little over four hundred people, but it has rich historical ties. It was first occupied by pastoral nuns back in 1842; during that time there wasn’t much more than a train track and a small hotel.

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It was initially known as Arandoovong, but in 1852 it was renamed Branxholme after Branxholme, which is located in Scotland.

In 1856, An Anglican school was established though eventually, the Presbyterians became the most populous congregation in the area. Additionally, it’s one of the few towns in the country that were able to keep its railway line.

Today, the town has a small school, a church, general store, public hall, bowling green, and a few tourist attractions. It’s also home to a local reservoir and a recreation reserve. There are small hotels as well as bed and breakfasts nearby for visitors who want to stay a night or more to explore the area.

If you are looking for a place to stay long term, there is many accommodation options available in Hamilton.

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