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The township of Byaduk is located in the southern region of the Grampians. Started as a European settlement, this quaint township is now a vibrant residential community.

As the township is located only a few kilometres from the Grampians Ranges, you can easily plan a day trip to the area.

Byaduk Accommodation & Grampians Caves, Victoria

Popular attractions in Byaduk are the Byaduk Caves dotted along the volcanic landscape. The name of the township is from the aboriginal word for ‘stone tomahawk’. A number of people head to the caves to enjoy the area’s most scenic beauty in its natural setting.

The Byaduk Caves boast a number of lava tubes formed due to Mount Napier’s volcanic eruption in the past. Today, the caves are one of the most expansive lava caves in Australia. Visitors to Hamilton can easily reach the state park, as Byaduk is only 20 km from Hamilton.

There are not many accommodation options within the town of Byaduk, however visitors can stay in Hamilton or Branxholme, which are very close by.

Apart from the many volcanic attractions and state parks, the township boasts a number of walking tracks perfect for visitors of all ages. Whether or not you love hiking, you can come here to explore the volcanic landscape while taking the scenic walking pathways in Byaduk.

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