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Cherrypool is a must-visit location for anyone touring the Grampians, and is conveniently located so that visitors have easy access to the numerous attractions onsite.

Cherrypool is home to the Black Range State Park. The park features jagged terrain and excellent bushland, despite the fact that a portion of the area has been used for farming. Due to this type of vegetation, the park is an idyllic location for bush walking.

Cherrypool Reserve – Campround & Fishing, Grampians VIC

The best place to start off the walk is at the Black Range Picnic Site, and proceed on to the peak of the ranges where visitors will have breathtaking views of the landscape that stretches towards the horizon.

Camping facilities are available at Cherrypool Highway Park. The park is situated next to the Glenelg River, giving campers a tranquil getaway. Campers can prepare their own barbecues, but must take note not to pitch tents next to the River Red Gum trees as they are known to have falling branches. This is a free campground so those arriving first will have the pick of the best spots. There are flushing toilets, BBQ’s and picnic tables on site as well as a number of great fishing spots nearby.

Rocklands Reservoir is yet another amazing attraction in Cherrypool which links the southeastern section of the park. The surroundings of the reservoir offer an excellent camping site as well. In addition to camping, visitors can also enjoy boating and fishing activities for a fun-filled day out.

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