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Dadswells Bridge

Dadswells Bridge

Dadswells Bridge is a small residential community nestled halfway between the picturesque town of Stawell and Horsham. This tiny community on the Western Highway is a quaint town near the Grampians National Park.

A number of tourists head to this township for a short day trip or picnic at one of the many secluded areas. With a number of beautiful picnic areas with separate play areas and outdoor BBQ facilities, Dadswells Bridge caters to the need of all visitors who come into town.

Dadswells Bridge Accommodation, Caravan Park, Victoria

Dadswells Bridge also offers an array of luxurious accommodation choices for visitors. There are a number of caravan parks, log cabins, farm houses and motels available for rent. With a range of accommodation choices, you will certainly find something that best suits your needs.

Dadswell Bridge is best known for its proximity to the Grampians National Park, however is also known for the Giant Koala Conservation Centre. Regarded as one of Australia’s “big things”, this popular attraction is well known in the area. Kids will also enjoy visiting the Giant Koala and getting close to the cute koalas at this centre. Kids parties are also available at the Giant Koala Conservation Centre.

While visiting Dadswells Bridge, don’t forget to try the popular boiled lollies and the traditional homemade chocolates at the local lolly shops and eateries in town.

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