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Lexton is a small town in the Pyrenees region of Victoria along the Sunraysia Highway; an area renowned for its world-class wine.

Located around 141km away from Melbourne, 26km from Beaufort & 24km from Avoca, this area is highly recommended for visitors who enjoy both wine and the outdoors.

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It was Major Thomas Mitchell who first discovered Lexton back in 1836. During that time, this area was regarded as the crossroads of Victoria; an area where many people passed through as they travelled to Sydney.

Mount Mitchell should certainly be in your itinerary. This elegant, historic homestead was established in 1838, and is filled with Victorian rural history and numerous heritage buildings. Stroll through its tranquil gardens, which are often booked for celebrating special events and milestones. Mount Mitchell also has excellent accommodation options, which are highly recommended because staying for just a few hours isn’t enough to take in the views and the wine.

Another great place to stop by during your visit to Lexton is the famed Pyrenees Hotel. Built in 1845, spending a night or two here will immerse you in beauty and history. It is still the traveller’s hotel of choice in Lexton, known for charming country hospitality, beautiful accommodation, and great meals.

The area is also home to the annual Rainbow Serpent Festival; a multifaceted weekend of dance, colour, expression and celebration. People travel from all over the world to Lexton to experience what is widely regarded as one of the best music, art and lifestyle festivals in the world.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there is a few accommodation options available in town.

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