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Maroona is a small rural town located 20 kilometres south from Ararat and 229 kilometres from Melbourne. The town is located at the junction of the railway lines that lead to Hamilton and Geelong.

Maroona, Hotel & Motel Accommodation near Ararat, Grampians Victoria

The town’s name was derived from the name of a pastoral property, which is also thought to have been inspired by an Aboriginal word for the pine-like trees that are native to the area. The region’s physical terrain is undulating to the east while the west is a hilly region from where a number of rivers drain their waters into Hopkins River. The town’s fertile soils produce an excellent crop, making it an important part of the region’s food source.

For a town whose history dates back to 1877, Maroona has grown to be a key part of the state’s economy. The opening of the railway line to Hamilton opened up the region. The main purpose of the railway line was to transport pastoral and farm produce to Geelong port. After a few years, the railway line was used to carry passengers until the 1950s. Today, Maroona railway station remains closed.

One of the town’s key landmarks was the grain handling facility that was used to hold some of the agricultural produce from the region. It has since been shut down. Today, some of the town’s amenities include a post office, schools, a general store as well as a sports pavilion.

Maroona has a low population and there aren’t any accommodation options in town. Therefore, visitors looking to travel to Maroona are best to look for accommodation in Ararat or further north in Halls Gap.

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