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Murtoa is a town in the Wimmera region and is not too far away to one of the top attractions in all of Victoria: the majestic Grampians, with Halls Gap less than an hour away by car.

The town, whose name translates to ‘Home of the Lizard’ in Aboriginal language, is filled with dozens of natural, cultural, and artistic attractions to immerse yourself in.

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Start your trip by visiting the three Heritage Victoria sites here: the Water Town Museum, Stick Shed, and Comyn Street, where you’ll find the oldest planting of Native trees in Victoria.

The Water Town Museum, built in 1886, is home to an impressive taxidermy collection – one of Australia’s best! You’ll find more than 500 displays of animals, birds, and rare species. The Stick Shed is a humongous grain store that was made almost entirely using 560 tree trunks – a pretty amazing site to behold.

With not many towns being able to boast of even one Victorian Heritage site, visitors will be pleased when visiting Murtoa, which has three. If you’d like to get more details about these destinations, the Murtoa Visitor Information Centre and the Murtoa Historical Society are highly recommended.

In the south, the elegant Longerenong Homestead is another heritage site worth visiting. It’s a 2-storey Gothic mansion whose history dates back to 1862. Though it has seen several restorations in the past, even having a glimpse from outside will be worth the journey since it’s a private residence.

Just 10 minutes away by car is Rupanyup, known for its recently finished Silo artwork collection by a Russian artist named Julia Volchkova. Rupanyup also has several attractions to explore, and some travellers even enjoy spending a few days here. Nearby is the Woods’ Farming and Heritage Museum; a fascinating destination for both kids and adults alike.

If you’d like to go out further to discover the countryside, the Wimmera will enchant you with its postcard-perfect scenes. Tranquil lakes and reservoirs here make it a popular fishing spot, and they also make great days out for picnics.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there is a number of accommodation options available in town, with a caravan park, hotel, cabins and cottages.

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