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The picturesque Wartook Valley is a must-visit destination whilst staying in the Grampians. Enjoy some of he most magnificent sunrises and sunsets while staying in this serene country location.

Wartook offers a variety of nature walks and driving routes for visitors to the township. Explore the wilderness which boasts wild flowers, unique rock formations and many local wildlife species.

Wartook Accommodation, Camping, Cabins & Caravan Park

Come here to experience nature at its tranquil best. Stay at a caravan park and enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountain ranges during sunrise and sunset. Guests with an interest in nature walking can explore the nearby and its fauna including kangaroos, emus, wombats and birds. Activity options are many with a number of adventurous and family friendly activities.

Located just a short drive from Halls Gap, the Wartook Valley region is the perfect setting for families and couples to relax on their holiday. To suit your lodging needs, the area of Wartook Valley provides a wide choice in accommodation options. Guests can choose from quaint cottages, B&Bs, cabins or self-catering villas.

In addition, the wide options in activities also make Wartook a favourable getaway destination in the Grampians.

Guests can choose from many activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing and quad bike tours. Wildlife watching at the national parks is one of the most popular things to do whilst staying in Wartook.


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